Free Home Care &
Aged Care Advisory Service

Call 1300 026 594

At UPA we understand that navigating the Home Care & Aged Care Advisory Services and processes can be very challenging.

To assist, our UPA Home Care team offers a free, no-obligation advisory and support service, where our knowledgeable and friendly team will assist you with;


  • Information around the Home Care System and the varying levels of care
  • Support accessing and registering for services with My Aged Care Advisory Service
  • Information around Home Care Packages
  • Assistance in understanding the approval process
  • Help to understand the codes on your approval letter and what they mean
  • Consumer Directed Care – how to understand government jargon and access the services and help that you really need
  • Information around package portability
  • Understanding your rights and choices if your current provider is not meeting your needs and expectations
  • Information around private support options.

To access this free support service, please phone the UPA hotline on

1300 026 594